Natural Chic

(Natch(ə)rəl Sheek)

Eco-responsible modern design that celebrates the history and culture of a living space, in terms of architecture, furnishings, amenities, color, flow, and function.

  • Going Beyond Design

    Unlike other designers, we speak the language of renovations, restorations, and new builds. We've partnered with the highest quality architects, contractors, craftsman, furniture designers, and dealers to make amazing things happen.

  • Integrating International Elements

    Whether we're designing a hotel, restaurant lounge, or a living room, we draw from our project experience in Africa, Europe, and the East & West Coast. We bring "luxury eclectic" to a global platform.

  • Working with the Environment

    We take sustainability seriously, regarding our materials, design processes, and sourcing methods. We're mindful of the community in which we're working, respectfully drawing from its natural beauty, its resources, and its people.