HOTEL DESIGN: A Sense of Place

When searching for a hotel, high-end world travelers hope for something greater than merely a convenient place to stay; they want a piece of the culture—to be wowed by the region's beauty and history. They want stories to tell their friends. And they want a new way to see the world. Why not give this to them right in their hotel room?

We create unforgettable, on-brand designs

Environments:Design has crafted commercial spaces in Europe, the US, and Africa for over two decades, with emphasis on sustainable development, local sourcing, and modern design infused with intriguing regional flavor. We combine old-world furnishings, art, and accessories with state-of- the-art amenities to give customers a rich, memorable experience that they can't stop talking about.

Our hotels boast opulence, sustainability, and indigenous culture.

We bring the outside world indoors so guests can touch, use, and appreciate what the region has to offer, as well as view it from their cottage window.

Our Principal Designer, Timothy Craig, has a talent for inspiring and collaborating side- by-side with local architects, craftsman, contractors, and residents to build structures from the ground up, to help them repurpose cultural pieces into breathtaking furniture and artwork. These meaningful partnerships boost the vitality and participation of neighboring communities, ultimately strengthening the story of the hotel.

Environments:Design has been eco-responsible since 1989, and remains committed to triple-bottom- line best practices in sustainable development, including usage of water, wind, and solar technology, passive heating and ventilation systems, reclaimed and recycled materials, and vintage-upgraded furniture.

We know when to go local and when to go luxury.

Guests want comfort as well as culture which is why we import bathroom fixtures, and kitchen appliances from our strong, global network of suppliers.

But luxury doesn't have to be expensive. We reinvent cultural relics to create fantastic installations for lobbies, restaurants, and meeting spaces, or smaller art pieces for private rooms. We've painted grand rendoval pillars to look like tree trunks, woven mats together to create window shades, enlivened hotel restaurants with panels of recycled bottle caps, and brightened open-floor- plan lobbies with hand-woven light fixtures – all through local and indigenous artisans.

Hotels that reflect the uniqueness of their region have a story worth sharing. And guests who value true cross-cultural experiences gladly pay to be a part of that story.