Partners in Conservation

Our commitment to socially responsible design is focused on direct conservation work in Rwanda, Africa with Partners in Conservation (P.I.C). Started in 1991, PIC respectfully assists conservation and humanitarian programs in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The project’s two main goals are (1.) to create holistic educational programs for children and adults that address wildlife and the needs of local people and (2.) to raise money to benefit both conservation and humanitarian projects. The project’s administrative cost is fully supported by a wonderful staff of volunteers: this enables all money raised by PIC to directly benefit programs in Central Africa.

Since 1993, Timothy has volunteered with PIC giving his time and talents to their annual fundraising event, the Rwandan Fete. In 2005, Timothy traveled to Rwanda for seven weeks with the PIC team to experience their conservation efforts first hand. When Timothy returned he wrote: “Traveling to Rwanda was a life changing event. The joy and beauty of the people, wildlife and landscape have given me an entirely new source of inspiration. The combinations of natural colors in the Nyungwe Rainforest are absolutely incredible!”

For more information about Partners in Conservation, please visit their website at: