HOME DESIGN: Environments that Inspire

You have ideas to improve your living space. You know that it's possible to walk into a room and feel calm and inspired at the same time. And you want to have that experience every day when you come home. You're ready to add value to your life, your loved ones, and your property. You're ready to embrace your environment.

We've been transforming homes for 20 years.

Environments:Design has been the designer of choice for discerning home owners in the San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Marin County, Napa Valley, Los Angeles, and Palm Springs, as well as in New York, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Vermont, England, France, Greece, Belgium, and Rwanda.

We've designed homes ranging from $500,000 to $50 million, restoring and upgrading Modern, Victorian, Edwardian, Plantation, Cape Cod, Arts & Crafts, and Spanish Colonial dwellings. We're very knowledgeable of the homes we work on.

We bring an international design perspective to our work.

We've designed hotels, galleries, museums, restaurants, and retail stores all over the world, and we can elegantly integrate these international elements into your home.Whether it's Venetian glass, Indian tile mosaics, African Banda Yova window dressings, French garden layouts, or Japanese inspired furniture, we have the connections and vision to elegantly blend international treasures with modern design.

In partnering with Environments:Design you tap into our network of over 100 vendors and service providers. We will connect you with extremely reputable architects, engineers, tradespeople, custom furniture designers, antique dealers, artisans, auction houses, and exclusive showrooms from around the globe.

Like you, we care about our impact.

We've been using environmentally responsible design practices since 1989 – It's been a part of our name and our philosophy since day one. Taking the eco-conscious route is often less expensive in both the short- and long-term; you just need to know when it’s the best alternative. We use solar power, wind power, grey water catchments, geo thermal heating, passive ventilation, reclaimed materials, sustainable wood, zero vac paint, recycled textiles and fabrics, and vintage furnishings to keep your costs (and eco-footprint) minimal.

And impact should go beyond the environment.

Our sustainable design projects in developing nations have brought long-standing prosperity to remote villages and townships and encouraged economically challenged artisans to become thriving business partners. This means we can offer you one-of- a-kind pieces for your home as well as the peace of mind knowing that you're supporting economic progress in underdeveloped regions of the world.

Your house has secrets to reveal and stories to tell.

Our goal is to uncover and amplify the most flattering aspects of your home's original style, while introducing complementary and sustainable design elements from around the world. Luxurious yet simple, organic and modern: your living environment will inspire, nurture, and reinvigorate you.