Timothy Craig founded Environments:Design in San Francisco, CA in 2000 after years of experience in the interior design and decorative arts field. Raised in Ohio, Timothy began working on interiors with his father, Kenneth, at an early age renovating two homes before the age of thirteen. Timothy states, “I have always been inspired by the sense of possibility in interior design and renovations. Working with my father, I discovered the construction of a well built home and the pleasure of changing the space to enhance your life.”

As a teenager, Timothy studied music, theatre, and fine arts, exploring the elements of design adn color with his grandmother, Elizabeth, who was a well-known ceramist. Theis combination of influences has lead to Timothy’s unique philosophy. “I believe that a well designed room has all the elements of great theatre – the sense of drama, scale and a wonderful song that sings to you when you enter the space.”

Timothy studied interior design and film at Ohio State University and was soon working in art direction and set design. Upon completion of his studies in 1989, Timothy formed Craig Designs and began his formal design career using sustainable and ecological design practices. Timothy says: “It is so exciting to see the rapid movement in our field towards an eco-responsible industry. We have a great opportunity to impact our clients’ lives and in turn, our suppliers’ lives by insisting on healthy, sustainable business practices. Now, we have amazing choices in our specifications of textiles, foam, wood, paint, heating, cooling, insulation and electricity without compromising quality and style!”

Falling in love with the Bay area, Timothy relocated to San Francisco in 1993 and continued his design work in theatre, film and music. Frustrated by the transitory nature of set design and the lack of construction knowledge in the design field, Timothy apprenticed with master craftsman for 5 years to gain first hand experience.

Timothy writes: “Communication is the most important element in any large scale renovation project. Knowing the inner workings of the trades, we bring a pool of knowledge to the construction site that allows efficient planning, communication and problem solving.” Seeing an untapped opportunity, Timothy formed the fine finish painting firm, Environments Design: Painting and Decorating, in 2002 to work in conjunction with the design firm. Timothy believes: “Having complete control of the finishing work on an interior project ensures that the craftsmanship meets our very exacting standards. Quite frankly, our team of finishers, lead by Daniel Miskulin, is the best!”

“It is a pleasure and a privilege to design homes for our clients! Nothing compares to the experience of enlivening our clients’ environments and in turn, enhancing their lives.”