Return to Africa

I plan my return, back to Rwanda where I will build things, discover art and mud and live beyond the vapidity.

Eco Villas at Nyungwe

Having returned to Rwanda with Partners in Conservation yearly, Evironments Design is currently working with project artisans and cooperatives to produce hand crafted furniture for the growing Rwandan hospitality industry.  “It’s our goal to provide sustainable employment oppurtunities to the wonderfully skilled craftsmen I have met through Partners in Conservation.  By tapping into the hospitality industry in Rwanda, furnishings that would otherwise be produced in Belgium, Germany, or South Africa, can be produced in country!  It is very exciting and in the future, we look forward to importing these items for our American clients as well.”  Currently Timothy is designing a moutaintop Eco Lodge just outside of the Nyungwe Forest National Park with 360 degree views of the Rwandan countryside.  Utilizing the latest solar, wind and water technology, the hotel is employing local craftsmen, sustainable materials, and traditional design elements from Rwanda’s rich cultural heritage and beautiful surroundings to create a unique experience.

This African Avalon is slated to open in Fall 20011.